When it comes to the internet, you can never be too careful when protecting your information. There are many threats out there that could put your family in danger and lead to information getting accessed and used for nefarious reasons. Individuals can get a ton of information about you and your loved ones by gaining access to your wireless network, but you can protect it with a few simple measures and test its security with nebs testing.

Set a Password for Your Router

You may need a manual to open your router settings, but once this is done you will be able to create a password that is unique. The default password for your router is not always the most secure, so changing it up can greatly increase your security.

Change the Name of Your SSID

An SSID name is the name of your specific wireless network. Changing the name of your wireless network can reduce the chances of others accidentally connecting to your network and it will also make it easier to tell your connection from others.

Encrypt Your Network

You can prevent computers in different areas from gaining access to your connection by encrypting the wireless signal. You can do this by going into the setting on your security page and changing router settings. This will let you choose the type of security you want for all of your devices.

Reduce Wireless Range

To further reduce the chance of unauthorized access you can limit the range of your wireless connection. You can do this by changing your router mode or using different channels for your connection.

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Protect your wireless connection and personal information with these suggestions on securing your network. You can keep unauthorized parties from being able to get into your private data and using it to their discretion.

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