Where would we be without automated technology? From self-checkouts, scanners, and now interactive voice response (IVR) systems in the world, life has certainly gotten a lot easier. Interactive voice response is the name given to the systems that use your voice to advance.

For example, when you call a company, you might often hear a synthesized voice that says “Hello, how may I help you. Say either account balance or more options.” You would say any of these things and then the voice would connect you to someone who can help. Interactive technology is supposed to be very smart and analytical, especially when it comes to open dialogue.

Picking out the right words

If the system simply says “What can I help you with?” without giving any more options, then you say “I need to speak with a manager.” The system will scan your voice and pick out the important parts of the sentence, in this case, the “need to speak with a manager.” The system will then connect you to the manager after it determines that is what you want.

ivr systems for pharmacies

It’s really interesting how the computer can listen to us speak and then use the important information to get us where we need to go. Now there are ivr systems for pharmacies, stores, and hospitals that all help get patients to where they need to go.

Acting as a Gateway

Rather than having a person get shuffled around between three or four people to get what they need, they instead just talk to an IVR and then are instantly sent to where they need to go. This saves everyone time and hassle and allows for a more passive stream of people moving through the area. IVR is becoming more common, and if you haven’t encountered it now you will soon.

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